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Good God mop mop, how to change the head, God mop mop rod broken, how to repair?

Good God mop mop, how to change the head?
1, step on the cloth tray, as close as possible to the edge of the mop disk
2. Turn the mop lever so that the screw moves towards the foot position and tilts in the opposite direction. It can be separated from the cloth tray.
3, if you do not screw to the location, it will not be able to separate from the cloth tray.
4. Place the new cloth tray on the floor. The mop head disc is aligned with the cloth tray.
5, press down, close to a chorus.
Good God mop mop common faults and maintenance methods
Fault one: after stepping on the foot board, turn the bucket aside, but the pedal does not return.
Maintenance method: this failure is most common, possible failure of accessories is the spring tension, or gear friction is too large, dead locking clip. Can be purchased with a matching spring to be replaced, the replacement method is as follows:
1. First remove the foot pedal with a screwdriver, then remove the red gear with the six angle button.
2. Remove the ruler bar, remove the damaged spring, and install the new spring on the bayonet of the foot bar.
3, the rule of the new installation, the other end of the spring with pointed nose pliers or other tools to install another bayonet on the foot pedal.
4. Install the big gear, and finally install the whole foot board.
Fault two: after stepping on the foot board, turn the bucket, turn back again, and pedal back.
Maintenance method: this fault often occurs, one-way small bearings have been damaged, slip wire, need to replace the matching bearings, can be solved.
Fault three: the use of a period of time, foot pedal, throw bucket turn, but the pedal back is not timely, ineffective.
Methods: the maintenance failure is due to the rule after a period of use of friction with both sides, the solution is to remove the rule, the six or seven teeth on the back with a knife foot flat cutting, and the increase on both sides of the space, the fault can be solved, or the use of the rule change new.
Also, the correct use of good God drag can prolong its service life.
A: start pedaling first gently.
Two fast: trample process continuously and keep speed. The faster the spin of the basket, the faster the dehydration.
Fault four: the mop rod is broken
Maintenance method: you can buy instead of reloading.
Besides, the spring, the card and the pinion are all iron articles because of the good God’s pulling. After touching the water, it is easy to rust. If not maintained, it will greatly shorten the service life. Maintenance method is: regular use of oil for maintenance, the time to 10-15 days / times is appropriate.

What are the advantages of automatic mop, automatic mop mop purchase skills?

Automatic mop appearance, using the advanced intelligent technology, the vacuum and water descaling, fiber technology perfect integration, set cleaner and floor cleaning device functions, can absorb impurities powder can finish mopping the floor clean.
What are the advantages of an automatic mop?
Automatic mop drying skills
1, before buying, the first shipment than three
Understand the product, understand the brand, and consult the friends around, or search the Internet for relevant products and brand information and evaluation, such as buyers evaluation, etc..
2, understand the ability to do nothing
The rotating mop is provided with a dry throwing device to see the effect of drying. Soak the mop in the water first, then put the mop in the dryer, start rotating, throw it dry, then dry it. The effect is better.
3, to observe the water absorption capacity
After the mop is dried and thrown dry, sprinkle some water on the floor, then mop it up to see how the water absorption capacity is, and the stronger the water absorption capacity, the more suitable for home use.
4. Analyze the quality of mop bar
The mop rod is the most stress place, with the hand of the mop rod due to exertsome pressure, see the mop rod bearing capacity is strong, such as just gently, the mop rod began to bend, this should not be selected, easy to break.
5. Check the material of the barrel
Lift the bucket to a suitable height and fall down to see if it breaks easily. Or stand on the bucket to see whether the capacity of the bucket can withstand.
That’s what Xiao Bian told you about the automatic drying mop. Do you understand? I hope it will help you to buy and use. Want to know more about home decoration and other related knowledge, please pay attention to buy and buy network knowledge auditorium, we will continue to provide you with more exciting content.

Topological rotation mop how to use hand type topological rotating mop principle

Hand pressing rotary mop principle
Turning mop is a very popular domestic mop on the market now. Rotary mop is different from the traditional mop at first. It can rotate. The mop rod is divided into two sections. When the upper section is pressed, the lower section rotates, and then the lower mop plate is provided with a planetary gear increasing mechanism. When the upper section is lifted, the lower section does not rotate. The principle of centrifugal force produced by rotating, using a bit of manpower to make the mop as dry as in the washing machine.
Topological rotation mop how to use?
1, how to combine mops?
Mainly in the upper disk and cloth plate tilt contact, of course, must be a single foot, from the other direction gently step on the footwall, when you hear a click of the time, you can complete the combination.
2, how to protect the sliding sleeve?
In the dehydration time, please strictly single hand grip sleeve with a fixed handle, and can effectively protect the function of hands anti-skid, anti abrasion, and when in use, will be moved to the top of the handle sleeve to avoid rolling.
3, how to update the cloth?
The cloth on the edge of the disc should be well pressed, the same direction as the screw, and then push the mop to push the body in the opposite direction, so that the upper disc and the tray can be separated.
4, how to adjust the angle?
Grip angle can be adjusted to 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, etc., must be adjusted in accordance with the direction of the link gently.
5, how dry cleaning?
In the dry cleaning process control to achieve a single foot light pedal can rapid dehydration, can be said that security is not laborious, there is, of course, can decontamination wash different needs for drying, design it is need to adjust the dehydration time length, must control the cloth dry humidity is the most important.
6, use the process must pay attention to the highest water level
When in use, please keep an eye on the maximum water level, which will effectively avoid the overflow of water during dewatering.
7, how to force dehydration?
To know the whole cloth is clean, good grip vertical movement, can even wash, as long as it is dehydrated, please put the mop head level, must handle down investment to erect, light grip handle, the handle do not tilt the degree of attention.

How to change all kinds of mop head sponge mop head, replace the rotating mop head installation

How to change all kinds of mop head sponge mop head, replace the rotating mop head installation
A rotary mop head, how
1, step on the cloth tray, as close as possible to the edge of the mop disk.
How to change all kinds of mop head sponge mop head, replace the rotating mop head installation
2. Turn the mop lever so that the screw moves towards the foot position and tilts in the opposite direction. It can be separated from the cloth tray.
How to change all kinds of mop head sponge mop head, replace the rotating mop head installation
3, if you do not screw to the location, it will not be able to separate from the cloth tray.
4. Place the new cloth tray on the floor. The mop head disc is aligned with the cloth tray.
How to change all kinds of mop head sponge mop head, replace the rotating mop head installation
5, press down, close to a chorus.
Two, roller mop sponge head replacement method:
Just remove the screws, take the old cotton wool, change the new cotton wool, and tighten the screws again.
Three, folding mop sponge head replacement method:
First the mop head is soaked, as long as the hand grip mop head middle and then mop head, gently pushed back the mop head card from the card slot is out of it; when installed to push forward, a clicking sound card in place, OK

Mop pool size mop pool size how to choose the right number

Mop pool size mop pool size how to choose the right number
Mop pool size mop pool size how to choose the right number
Buy mop pool, for many consumers is essential in the family bathroom, and mop pool position can also be diversified, can choose to put in the balcony or toilet, but no matter how to choose, for mop pool size, is a key problem that must be considered first, after all, the size of the installation is suitable. All affect the use of the late mop pool. And for many consumers, and not very clear about the size of the mop pool, the following to introduce how to choose the size of the problem.
The size of the mop pool generally has these two specifications:
1, the regular is 33*33*40, landing mop pool generally in length 460mm*400mm width * high 520mm. The general family will choose the conventional size, the conventional size is relatively easy to show good decoration effect and use effect.
2, the smallest is 40*40*40, landing mop pool generally in length 470mm*410mm width * high 530mm.
Mop pool size, first of all, according to their own needs to choose
For the mop pool sold on the market, the size of its choice is very large, in general, mop pool minimum size of 40 cm wide, which can basically meet the needs of the family. But the size according to the actual needs of the family to determine the size, if the high frequency of use or the use of some more things, so the best choice for large size mop pool, used to ensure more convenient.
Mop pool size, and secondly, according to the size of the house to choose
What’s the minimum size for a mop pool? Many friends in the choice of mop pool, often has such a question, because for this kind of mop pool, its installation by the housing area restrictions. For example, if the bathroom area is too small, then for the entire size of the choice, we should pay attention not to be too large, and some families because of the size of the restrictions, often only choose the smallest size of that. So it is also important to consider the location of the installation when purchasing.
In fact, for mop pool, its function is not only used to clean mops and other tools, some families in order to use the convenience of the use of a mop pool and sink into a way. This makes some requests for the smallest size of the mop pool. Generally speaking, when choosing this kind of synthetic mop pool, the size can be a little smaller, and if it is only used as a mop pool, the size should be larger.
Third, according to specific functions to choose
In general, consumers in the selection of mop pool size, according to their actual needs and housing area to determine the comprehensive, in order to choose the most appropriate products.

What are the types of mops? What are the characteristics of various mops?

What are the types of mops? What are the characteristics of various mops?
According to mop head material classification
1) rubber mop
A. features: PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) cleaning head collidion mop production, with super absorbent ability, is ten times the ordinary sponge has the advantages of convenient operation, clean when the sponge dipped in light pull a few rods in water, sewage can be discharged. After placing, the glue head can be dried and hardened naturally to prevent bacteria from breeding. In addition to cleaning the floor, this mop can also clean walls and ceilings.
B. price: 30 yuan to 100 yuan or so, replace the first 15 yuan to 30 yuan.
C. disadvantages: the ability to adsorb hair is weak, should not rub grease and chemical dirt. In addition, the cleaning capacity of the corners is also poor. After the collision, the dirty water is easily extruded.
D. recommendation: be sure to choose a better quality head of the mop, poor quality plastic head easy to crack, poor water absorption, short service life.
2) superfine fiber material mop
Features: this kind of mop is very popular in the past two years. The mop head overturns the traditional round head. The flat panel design is used to make the floor and floor fully stressed. The mop is made of two kinds of fine cotton yarn and superfine fiber, which is easy to wipe off the dust between the gap and the corner. Now, many products are also equipped with cards, towels, easy to install, use a variety of waste towels to wipe the ground, but also fitted with special towels to clean the glass, windows.
Price: 40 yuan to 200 yuan.
Disadvantages: hand contact with mop, not suitable for tile floor.
Recommendations: make full use of waste towels, waste cloth, etc., can also play a polishing role.
3) sliver (thread) mop
Features: the price is low, the mop rod is divided into plastic rods, wood, metal rod three. The mop head is made up of absorbent cotton cloth, cotton thread and so on. The cleaning power of the mop is also good, but the cleaning is troublesome, and the water absorption of some cloth strips is not strong.
Price: 5 yuan to 40 yuan.
Disadvantages: cotton mop head is not good, dry, dry, easy to taste and breed bacteria. In addition, “hair loss” is the biggest problem, after a period of time, the mop will be “sparse head.””.
Suggestion: when buying, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the binding is tight or not.
4) absorbent fiber mop
Features: in recent years, some manufacturers have improved the cotton support head, using a water absorbent fiber cloth, and equipped with a bucket and dryer, so that the operation of mops is much easier. This light, little and dainty, mop and mop the floor, exert oneself, effortless efficiency is relatively high.
Price: 20 yuan to 40 yuan, replace the first 10 to 20 yuan.
Disadvantages: mop head into the water, wring dry, the volume will become smaller, but also the smaller the use. If the room size is larger, it will appear arduous.
Recommendation: the choice of high quality fabric mop is not easy to lose hair, longer life. A bucket with a drying device can be twice the result with half the effort.
5) electric multifunctional floor cleaning machine
A. features: This machine uses wired power, and has been out of the traditional mop category. Its bottom has three high-speed rotating brush head, with detergent can remove stubborn stains effectively. In addition, the machine also functions as vacuuming, polishing and polishing.
B. price: 500 yuan -1000 yuan.
C. disadvantages: noise, after cleaning the floor with shallow marks.
D. recommends that the average family be a little wasteful if it’s just for cleaning.
According to the work principle of mop classification
(1) prototype mop
The design of this kind of mop is simple and the price is low. The mop head is changed from rags to cloth. It is very troublesome to clean and leave a string of water marks after wiping. Although it is cheap, it is not convenient to use.
(2) wringing the mop
Twist mop water in rod attached to borrow torsion mechanism, hand hydrophobias. The material of mop head has no change compared with the prototype mop, but the water absorption and cleaning ability are still the same. Clean the head put on protection, avoid the head end of the surface to be cleaned is arranged at the lower end of the injury, the rotary center positioning device, to avoid the work, the rotary movement of the rotary cylinder is installed, the upper center location check lock, to avoid the rotary work when water is squeezed and wrung water reverse the work of the mop rod is segmented, telescopic regulating structure. The water wringing mop is convenient for use, convenient for cleaning and can not dirty hands. But the water is easy to buckle.
(3) mop
Its biggest feature is to ensure that the inheritance of twist mop water squeezing water self-cleaning and change head material, is used in polyvinyl alcohol pyroxylin. Cotton has very strong water absorption, can fully guarantee the cleaning work to head. Moreover, the cotton head replacement is convenient, and the labor saving is easy. And suitable for wood flooring, marble and various porcelain, glass windows, kitchen cleaning porcelain wall. But after a period of time, the part of the squeezing water will become loose, the water will not be squeezed completely, and the cleaning will not be very clean.
(4) throw dry mop
This can dry the work head like a washing machine. Moreover, the tractor head is broken and can be replaced to save cost. But it’s a bit of a hassle.
(5) steam mop
The principle is to sterilize and clean the home environment by heating water, producing pressure and high temperature, sterilizing and sterilizing directly through high temperature and high pressure steam. Steam mops generally have high temperature sterilization, removal of oil and other functions. The use of high pressure to produce steam, you can clean and bactericidal, easy to deal with tough dirt. Whether it is grease, kitchen hood cleaning the bathroom to old wet mildew, or is the car engine and built-in steam mop and so on, quickly remove dirt, time-saving, economical and practical. There is no need to add any detergent, which is in full compliance with economic principles.
Good God mop mop points

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